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Organised by Roots of the Russian Language

Students of the Russian language will benefit from our dictionary by increasing their understanding of how Russian words link up. The search mechanism of this electronic dictionary takes them immediately to the Russian or English word they want to look up. Our dictionary then shows the Russian word surrounded by words based on the same root. It also gives example phrases and expressions illustrating use of the Russian words in contexts. Russian words often consist of roots surrounded by prefixes and suffixes. In this dictionary, words based on the same root with different prefixes and suffixes are grouped together. Inquisitive users will increase their grasp of the ways in which Russian words are built. This is a highly effective way of improving Russian reading, writing and conversation skills at all levels.

Our dictionary allows you to look up:

    English words and find their Russian translation
    Russian words and find their English translation

and at the same time view:

    related Russian words sharing the same root
    Russian expressions containing words with the same root.

This will improve your:

    insight in relationships between Russian words with the same root
    capability to memorize Russian words, because you build up improved associations
    knowledge of useful expressions as you go along.

This will allow beginning students to build a reference framework more quickly. Consequently learning Russian beomes easier for them. They will better understand the structure of Russian words. This will make it easier for them to memorise different words sharing the same root.
Anyone studying Russian seriously will come to the conclusion that learning Russian should be a matter of 'éducation permanente'.
Even people mastering the Russian language to a high degree will find it essential to get the prefixes and suffixes absolutely right in order to be sure of the exact meaning of the words they use. Using a wrong prefix can lead to serious or hilarious misunderstandings. An anecdote on the webpage “Importance of prefixes and suffixes in the Russian Language” illustrates this.