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1. George Z. Patrick, Roots of the Russian Language, National Textbook Company, Skokie, Ill, 1977
2. Els de Graaf, Fieke Kuipers, Willie Nuijens, «Запас Слов», Woordenschat Russisch, Adviescommissie Leerplanontwikkeling Russisch, September 1982.

The above-mentioned publications are Russian vocabularies in which the words are not arranged alphabetically. Instead, Russian words sharing the same roots are grouped together and the roots are arranged in alphabetical order.

«Запас Слов» is a Russian vocabulary developed for teaching Russian in secondary schools in the Netherlands.


The copyright of the latter publication is vested in the Pegasus publishing house in Amsterdam. Pegasus have kindly permitted the authors of «Часто Встречающиеся Слова и Выражения» to use the content of «Запас Слов» as the basis for their electronic publication.