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Advantages of our Dictionary

The opening page has made clear the advantage of organising a Russian dictionary by roots of the Russian words rather than alphabetically. Inquisitive users will increase their understanding of the ways in which Russian words are built when they see words based on the same root grouped together.

The problem with paper-based dictionaries* of this kind is that one needs to look up words in an index first to find the location of the group of words sharing the same root. The search mechanism of our electronic dictionary takes the users immediately to the word they want to look up.

To summarize: The electronic search capabilities make a dictionary based on roots of the Russian language easier to use: they make learning Russian easier at the elementary levels and they make studying Russian easier at advanced levels.

* “Roots of the Russian Language – An Elementary Guide to Wordbuilding” by George Z. Patrick contains a dictionary in which the entries are grouped by roots of the Russian language. In order to find translations of a word, one has to look it up in either one of the indexes: the one with the Russian or the English words.